Business Broker Training Curriculum

Business Broker Training Curriculum

  • Introduction to Business Brokerage
  • Marketing Your Business Brokerage Services – Personal Calls
  • Marketing Your Business Brokerage Services – Direct Mail Marketing
  • Marketing Your Business Brokerage Services – Telemarketing
  • Marketing Your Business Brokerage Services – Print Marketing
  • Marketing Your Business Brokerage Services – Internet Marketing
  • Preparation for initial meeting with business owner
  • Initial meeting with business owner
  • Analyzing and Pricing Businesses
  • Preparing Listing Presentation
  • Follow up meeting with business owner
  • Explanation of analyzing a business and price range development
  • Completion of Listing Documents
  • Packaging Business
  • Marketing a Business
  • Initial contact with potential buyers
  • Initial meeting, interview and qualification of potential buyers
  • Presentation of businesses to potential buyers
  • Touring business with buyer
  • Negotiation of Offers to Purchase or Letter of Intent
  • Presentation of offer to business owner
  • Due Diligence
  • Pre-closing activities and responsibilities
  • Closing Documents
  • Business Closing and Transfer
  • Post-closing activities and responsibilities

Business Broker Training - In Class

Our comprehensive In Class Training includes a preclass assignment. Most students complete the assignment in about 40 hours. Then, the education continues with students attending five days of in-class training in our Training Conference facilities located in Greensboro, NC.

Business Broker Training - Online

This course covers the information and skills needed to start a business brokerage career. Participants will learn the Business Brokerage Process and the role and responsibilities of a business broker during each step of the process.  This comprehensive, four-week course …

Business Broker Training - 30 Day

After years and thousands of hours of development, the School of Business Brokerage is pleased to announce the release of our Complete Online Business Brokerage Training Program. Our Online Program is designed to suit both the professional needs and the academic goals of busy…

Business Broker Start Up Coaching

Following the completion of our in class or online training, we offer individual coaching programs that help you take the action necessary to launch your business brokerage firm. We assist you with:  – Creating a solid business plan including actionable steps and goal attainment tracking.