Business Broker Training – In Class

Complete Business Brokerage Start Up Training and Resources

Our comprehensive In Class Training includes a pre-class assignment. Most students complete the assignment in about 10 hours. Then, the education continues with students attending five days of in-class training in our Training Conference facilities located in Greensboro, NC. We start instruction each day at 9:00 and conclude by 5:00. Students work on homework and some assignments after class. The small class size (maximum five students) allows for group discussion and debate, plenty of time for questions and accommodates individual learning objectives.  And, the learning doesn’t end on Friday; students are provided a business action plan and follow up mentoring/coaching calls to assist with initial listings.

Upon completion of all course materials, assignments, and scoring a passing grade of 80 or above on the final exam, students are awarded the GSBB Designation – Graduate of the School of Business Brokerage.


Complete Start Up Package  Includes

  • Online Library
  • Comprehensive Course Workbook and Case Studies
  • Five days of live in-class training (Maximum five students)
  • 10 Online – Advanced Business Brokerage Training  Modules to be completed during the first six months following in class training
  • Sample listing documents, sales contract, disclosure statements, etc. – to be reviewed and approved for use by your attorney

(Maximum 5 Students)

In Class Tuition – Complete Start Up Package $ 2,995.00


Due to COVID-19, we have no In-Person Training Scheduled.

Business Broker Start Up Coaching

For students completing either our in class or online training program, we offer Business Brokerage Start-Up Coaching. Our business brokerage start-up coaching is designed to help our former students start and a build successful business brokerage firm.

Course Resources

School of Business Brokerage Course Workbook


The School of Business Course Workbook is the companion instructional aid for our training programs.  The Course Workbook contains slide images for each presentation and supplemental materials to reinforce learning.

Course Workbook instructional materials will also serve as a reference resource for you to refer to as you build your business brokerage career.




Additional Resources and Sample Documents

  • Checklists
  • Guidelines
  • Buyer Registration Forms
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Business Listing Agreement
  • Business Offer to Purchase Agreement
  • Business Listing Extension and Amendment
  • Business Pricing Worksheets
  • Sample Business Brokerage Marketing




Online Library


Having a great business library of quality books about valuing, analyzing and selling businesses is a must.  The School of Business Brokerage has compiled a comprehensive online library of books to help provide the foundation of knowledge you need to start and build a successful business brokerage career.

As part of your tuition, you will receive an online library of valuable books covering:

  • Business Brokerage
  • Valuing Businesses
  • Prospecting
  • Business Brokerage for Real Estate Agents
  • Business Exit Strategies
  • How to Sell a Business
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • And many other important topics.

More than 1000+ pages of information, case studies, examples, and checklists developed by business brokers, business appraisers, business owners and business experts.

Upon registration access to your online library will be provided.  You will use the library to read and complete assignments during your training at the School of Business Brokerage.  Moreover, you will be able to utilize and add to your online library as you build your business brokerage career for many years to come.

All books are accessible from you computer (PC or Mac) Tablet or Cellphone (iOS or Android).  Anytime and anywhere, your online library is always available.



Business Broker Training Curriculum

  • Introduction to Business Brokerage
  • Marketing Your Business Brokerage Services – Personal Calls
  • Marketing Your Business Brokerage Services – Direct Mail Marketing
  • Marketing Your Business Brokerage Services – Telemarketing
  • Marketing Your Business Brokerage Services – Print Marketing
  • Marketing Your Business Brokerage Services – Internet Marketing
  • Preparation for initial meeting with business owner
  • Initial meeting with business owner
  • Analyzing and Pricing Businesses
  • Preparing Listing Presentation
  • Follow up meeting with business owner
  • Explanation of analyzing a business and price range development
  • Completion of Listing Documents
  • Packaging Business
  • Marketing a Business
  • Initial contact with potential buyers
  • Initial meeting, interview and qualification of potential buyers
  • Presentation of businesses to potential buyers
  • Touring business with buyer
  • Negotiation of Offers to Purchase or Letter of Intent
  • Presentation of offer to business owner
  • Due Diligence
  • Pre-closing activities and responsibilities
  • Closing Documents
  • Business Closing and Transfer
  • Post-closing activities and responsibilities