About Us

The School of Business Brokerage was founded in 2003 with the mission of offering the most comprehensive Business Broker training available in the Business Brokerage Industry.  Our curriculum has been designed specifically  to address the training needs of individuals wishing to start and build a successful business brokerage career.  Beginning business brokers find our training provides the knowledge and practical application necessary to begin practicing business brokerage with an existing brokerage firm or to open his or her own business brokerage company.

Each of the School of Business Brokerage instructors has been chosen for his or her accomplishments, expertise and ability to communicate with the beginning business broker.  In order for new business brokers to be successful, they must learn from the masters of the profession.  There is no substitute for experience-based education.

 “Our primary objective is to help our students start and build
a successful Business Brokerage career.”

Donna S. Dailey
President and Founder
School of Business Brokerage     



What Our Students Say About Us

  • “So much great information is covered, extending the class to more days would help.”
  • “I’ve been a business broker for years.  I attribute my successful business brokerage practice to the quality training I received from the School of Business Brokerage.”
  • “Keep up the great work as I found this class well worth the fee!”
  • “Great class, knowledgeable instructors, this class met and exceeded all of my expectations.”
  • “Course will be a real time saver for someone just starting.”
  • “I’m glad I came to the class.  I now know that I would not have been able to figure all of this out on my own.”
  • “I now feel so much more comfortable and confident about becoming a business broker.”
  • “The training was excellent.  I’m really sorry that my business partner did not take this training with me.”