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Business Broker Start Up Coaching

For students completing either our in class or online training program, we offer Business Brokerage Start-Up Coaching. Our business brokerage start-up coaching is designed to help our former students start and a build successful business brokerage firm.

Business Broker Marketing Resources

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Business Intermediary Services – Launch Announcement

In 2003, the School of Business Brokerage was founded to provide training for individuals wishing to start a business brokerage career.  Over the last 14 years, we have training and mentored hundreds of business brokers.  Our experience has taught us that business...

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Business Broker Training – Course 101

The School of Business Brokerage is pleased to announce our new course – Business Brokerage 101.  The course offers the convenience of online training and the added value of instructor-led training, commonly referred to as blended learning. Students will complete...

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Getting Better Results from Your Direct Mail

Studies continue to indicate an increase in the quantity of mail business owners receive and the decline in response rate for the advertiser. Some quick tips to aid you in getting the results you hope for. Your Direct Mail should be a “Direct Mail Program” with a...

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Intro to Selling Internet Businesses: Part 1

With the news last month of the internet company Alibaba becoming America’s largest IPO in history and being valued higher than Facebook, Amazon, and Ebay after its first day of trading (see here), it is hard not to get excited about the lucrative internet business...

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“Body Language the Silent Communicator”

The most important form of communication is not always verbal. In our interaction with business buyers and sellers, it is important to understand what they verbally tell us and what their body language may also be saying. General body language guidelines: Constant...

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Protecting Confidentiality

There are many ways, techniques, and systems that if carried out will help protect the Seller's (or Buyer's) Confidentiality. A very simple one is to ask the Seller how he would like for you to contact/ communicate with him during the marketing of his business. I have...

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Qualities to Look for in a Good Business Broker

One of the questions I am asked most often by other managing business brokers is; what qualities should I look for in the next business broker I hire? The following are just some key qualities to look for: Has a high degree of personal responsibility. A good business...

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Fiduciary – Big Word with Big Responsibility

When a business broker becomes an agent of a seller or buyer, either intentionally by entering into a listing agreement or unintentionally by actions, the relationship is termed fiduciary. Fiduciary duties are the highest duties known to law. A fiduciary is expected...

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Commit to Communicate

The number one complaint from business sellers is, “I listed my business with a broker and rarely heard from him.” Communication is everything! The more frequent and effective communication you have with your seller the happier he will be with you and your company....

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From “Wall Street to Main Street”

In these challenging economic times, one frequently used phase is “from Wall Street to Main Street”. This phase has many meanings and is used in a multitude of ways to describe how what is happening on Wall Street the “stock market” affects Main Street. Each week, in...

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Get a Retainer

When I entered business brokerage in 1985 I joined a franchised main street business brokerage office. During the almost 10 years I spent with that office I saw 150 agents, and this is a conservative estimate, come and go. I also outlasted two owners. In 1994 I...

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Is Now a Good Time to Sell a Business?

As we begin 2014, everyone – business owners, business buyers and business brokers are asking, “Will 2014 be a good year for selling businesses?”  Earlier this week, FOX Small Business Center posted an interview and article that provide some insight into the current...

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Business Brokerage – Leave Behind Seller Package

Seller Appointment - Leave behind Package It is important that you take advantage of every opportunity to promote your business brokerage services.  At the conclusion of your initial meeting with a potential seller, you should leave a package of information that will...

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Ten Quick Negotiating Tips for Business Brokers

1. Win – Win: There are many ways to achieve a win-win transaction. A key ingredient is to ask what is fair for both parties. Remember negotiations which produce one sided victories tend to break down more quickly and usually prior to a successful closing. 2....

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Business Buyer’s Market

One of the great side benefits of owning the School of Business Brokerage is getting the chance to speak often with other business brokers across the country.  In a recent conversation with Jay Inbar, Inbar Group, Inc., New York, NY, Jay talked about all the buyers in...

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Getting Started as a Business Broker

Start and Build a Successful Business Brokerage Career Becoming a business broker is like most things, there is the quick and easy way and the researched, preplanned more methodical way. Either approach may work but the later has a better chance of resulting in a long...

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Business Brokerage Career

Business Brokerage "An Excellent Career Choice" Are you contemplating a business brokerage career?  If so, you probably have lots of questions and concerns.  Is now the right time?  Is business brokerage the right career choice for me?  Can I make enough money being a...

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Webinar Training

Live and Recorded Webinar Business Brokerage Training Through out the year, the School of Business Brokerage offers live webinar topic specific training for business brokers.  To receive notices of our upcoming webinars, please register for our free eNewsletter and...

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