Ready for a Career with NO Glass Ceiling?

Starting in the late 1970s, women began to enter the workforce in very large numbers.  However, by the mid-1980s, most of these women had not advanced to the upper levels in corporate America.  The term “glass ceiling” began to be used in referring to these well-qualified women that found themselves unable to advance to the next level.  These women could see themselves as performing very successfully at the next level – the promotions never came – thus the “glass ceiling.”

Decades have passed, unfortunately, the “glass ceiling” still exists and not only for women but also for minorities.  Many books and articles have been written providing tips and strategies for breaking the glassing ceiling.  However, many women and minorities will tell you that the tips and strategies often have little impact because the structure of corporations in America causes the glass ceiling.  Moreover, most women will share that they must work twice as hard as their male coworkers and minorities face the same challenges.

If you are a women or a minority and tired of the limits of the “glass ceiling,” why not leave the glass ceiling behind and explore a career without limits – business brokerage – helping people buy and sell businesses.  There are NO limits to how much success you can achieve nor income you can earn as a business broker.  Whether you are a woman or a minority, as a business broker, you will be rewarded based upon your achievements. Moreover, the knowledge and skills you have learned will aid in your success as a business broker – for instance:

Team Building:  Business transactions today involve numerous individual both on the buy and sell side.  Helping these individuals work together to get through the process and close the transaction is a very valuable skill that will enhance your business brokerage career.

Strategic Planning:  You utilize your strategic planning knowledge and skills to guide your business brokerage career.  Also, the small business owners you will work with are very much in need of your assistance to help them with strategic planning to get their business to next level, position their business to receive maximum market value and how to plan a successful exit strategy.

Communication Skills: Successful business brokers are good communicators.  You’ll use your well-honed communication skills to explain and guide business owners and business buyers through the complex process of selling a business.

Make 2019 the year you stop beating your head against the “glass ceiling” and explore a rewarding career as a business broker.  The School of Business Brokerage has been helping individuals like you start and build a successful business brokerage career since 2003.  Visit our website to learn more about our training, mentoring and resources


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