Business Broker Training – In Class

Business Broker Training – Online

Business Broker Training – 30 Day

business brokerage 101 course

Business Brokerage 101 Course

This business broker training course covers the information and skills needed to start a business brokerage career. Participants will learn the Business Brokerage Process and the role and responsibilities of a business broker during each step of the process.  This comprehensive, four-week course will help participants quickly master and implement the basics of business brokerage.  Learn More…

in class business broker training

In Class Business Broker Training

Complete Business Brokerage Start Up Training and Resouces.  Our five days of live in class business broker training provides the fastest and best way to obtain a substantial level of training and knowledge about becoming a business broker.  Our business broker training curriculum is developed and taught by business brokerage experts.  Learn More…

online business broker training

Online Business Broker Training

Looking for business broker training online?  The School of Business Brokerage offers a Complete 30 Day Online Business Broker Training Program.  Our online business broker training is Interactive, engaging, self-paced and provides the most comprehensive online business broker training available – 24/7.  Learn More…

business brokerage career

How to Become a Business Broker

Are you thinking about becoming a business broker?  The School of Business Brokerage can provide answers to your questions.  And, the business broker training and resources you need to start and build a successful career as a business broker.  As a trained business broker, you will use your business brokerage knowledge and skills to help buyers and sellers through the complex process of transferring a business.  Learn More…