Ed Pendarvis Training

We recently discovered that Ed Pendarvis, founder of Sunbelt and Business Buyers University, was referring to his business broker training programs as the Ed Pendarvis School of Business Brokerage.  Ed Pendarvis has NO association nor connection with the School of Business Brokerage,

I personally contacted Ed and expressed my disappointment of his attempt to promote his business broker training by using our name – School of Business Brokerage.  I shared with Ed that I and the directors of the School of Business Brokerage viewed his use of our name as an illegal infringement and unethical. I requested that Ed cease using the “School of Business Brokerage” as part of the name of his business broker training.  Ed promised to immediately cease utilizing the School of Business Brokerage in all communication and promotion of his business broker training.  Unfortunately, Ed has not honored his promise.

The School of Business Brokerage has offered the highest quality of business broker training since 2003.  We will take all steps necessary to protect our good name and reputation.

Donna S. Dailey M.Ed., LREB, BEC, SBA
Founder and President
School of Business Brokerage

March 24, 2017