Business Brokerage – Leave Behind Seller Package

business broker marketing materialsSeller Appointment – Leave behind Package

It is important that you take advantage of every opportunity to promote your business brokerage services.  At the conclusion of your initial meeting with a potential seller, you should leave a package of information that will continue to convince the seller to hire you to represent his business.  This package can be as simple as a file folder with your business card attached.  Or, you may want to invest in some printed pocket folders.  A good source for printed pocket folders is  Some possible items to include in the Leave behind Package:

  •   One page profile or list of sold companies
  •   Brokerage Company Newsletter
  •   Your Current Resume
  •   Brokerage Company Brochure or Marketing Sheets
  •   Articles you or others in your office have written
  •   Testimonial/Reference Letters
  •   List of happy former clients with contact information
  •   Thank you letter

Many sellers will take the time to review the information. And, your “Leave behind Package” might make the difference between you or your competition getting the listing.  Never miss an opportunity to promote yourself and your business brokerage services!

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