Business Intermediary Services – Launch Announcement

In 2003, the School of Business Brokerage was founded to provide training for individuals wishing to start a business brokerage career.  Over the last 14 years, we have training and mentored hundreds of business brokers.  Our experience has taught us that business brokers – new and seasoned need specialized training and mentoring, but they alsoRead More

Getting Better Results from Your Direct Mail

Studies continue to indicate an increase in the quantity of mail business owners receive and the decline in response rate for the advertiser. Some quick tips to aid you in getting the results you hope for. Your Direct Mail should be a “Direct Mail Program” with a clear strategy, timeline, and goals. Not just anRead More

Intro to Selling Internet Businesses: Part 1

Ryan Sorensen

With the news last month of the internet company Alibaba becoming America’s largest IPO in history and being valued higher than Facebook, Amazon, and Ebay after its first day of trading (see here), it is hard not to get excited about the lucrative internet business space. As a broker selling close to $4M worth ofRead More

“Body Language the Silent Communicator”

The most important form of communication is not always verbal. In our interaction with business buyers and sellers, it is important to understand what they verbally tell us and what their body language may also be saying. General body language guidelines: Constant fidgeting, changing positions, touching face or hair suggests irritation or nervousness. Makes eyeRead More