Is Now a Good Time to Sell a Business?

Shelves with wines in shopAs we begin 2014, everyone – business owners, business buyers and business brokers are asking, “Will 2014 be a good year for selling businesses?”  Earlier this week, FOX Small Business Center posted an interview and article that provide some insight into the current market and answers to this question.

The video, starting at about the 11:30 minute point, shares the following 2013 statics compiled by BizBuySell:

Sales of Small Business in 2013 were up 49% over 2012

Businesses Sold in 2013

Businesses Sold in 2012

75% of business brokers interviewed predicted that 2014 will be an even better year.  The reason – more “baby boomers” will be ready to sell their business.  During the past several years, due to the economy, many business owners were not able to or did not try to sell their business even though they may have wanted to sell.  Why?  This was mainly because the owners often could not afford to sell their business due to its decrease performance and value.  And, like most folks, small business owners lost large portions of their net worth and cash during the recession.  So, they had to hang on to their business and focus on rebuilding with the hopes of being able to sell once the economy improved.  Every business broker knows at least some if not many business owners that this story fits.

Not all, but many areas of the country are now starting to see a decline in unemployment and an increase in revenues for all size and type businesses.  With some guidance from a business broker, these businesses can be prepared and positioned to be offered for sale and hopefully sold this year.

Enjoy the video and click to read the article:  Want to Sell Your Business?  Here Are 4 Tips

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